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At Candex Solutions, we are not just an educational consulting firm; we are architects of dreams. We specialize in assisting professionals with at least five years of career experience in realizing their ambitions of relocating to Canada for better opportunities. As a seasoned study abroad consultant and immigration agent, we don’t just facilitate school admissions and visa applications; we go beyond. Our holistic approach ensures that you get the most out of your Canadian adventure, from world-class education to a rewarding career and eventual permanent residency.

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Our distinct 5-step process sets us apart from the rest, ensuring that you’re not just another student in Canada but a future permanent resident with a robust career. Here’s how:

Admission Process: Your journey starts here. We assist in selecting the right courses, institutions, and provinces that match your long-term goals for permanent residency and career success.

 Visa Application: Say goodbye to the complexities of visa application. We handle everything—from eligibility assessments to document preparation—streamlining the process for you.

Settlement: We offer pre-departure services to help you hit the ground running as you arrive in Canada. From airport pickup to accommodation arrangements, we’ve got you covered.

Job Assistance: With us, the job search starts long before you graduate. We guide you through selecting the appropriate NOC codes and offering upskilling opportunities, ensuring you’re ready for the Canadian job market.

Permanent Residency: The ultimate goal. We work tirelessly to expedite your transition from a temporary resident to a permanent one, providing you with a sustainable, fulfilling life in Canada.

By choosing Candex Solutions, you’re not just investing in a study-abroad program; you’re investing in a future filled with opportunities and success.

Services at Candex solutions

Our Services at Candex Solutions


Study Abroad Consulting

We help you navigate the Canadian educational system, identifying the right courses and institutions that align with your career and immigration goals.


IELTS Coaching

Ace your IELTS exams with our specialized coaching classes, designed to improve your language proficiency for both academic and immigration requirements.


Visa and Immigration Services

We offer a smooth visa application process that includes eligibility assessment, documentation preparation, and application filing.


Settlement Services

From pre-departure arrangements to finding suitable accommodation, we prepare you for life in Canada.


Job Training & Assistance

Our job training program equips you with the skills and insights you need to secure a fulfilling career in Canada.

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