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Candex Solutions is a service based organisation involved in Affiliate partnerships and coaching services. Candex Solution works in partnership with immigration lawyers and licensed Job Recruiters abroad.

We offer Online preparatory classes for IELTS English Proficiency, French TEF and Work Abroad for immigration purposes. We have series of training programs to help our clients successfully.

Our clients have an access to webinars, conferences, and certification courses to help support their professional development.


Our Mission

To help prospective immigrants, visitors and students satisfy their heart desire of settling in Canada without hitches and stories.

We help prospective immigrants, visitors and students satisfy their heart desire of settling in Canada without hitches and stories.


Our Vision

To be an entity where different nationals find solutions to their utmost Canadian and visa needs.

The aim of the Canada immigration system is to make more foreigners Permanent Residents in Canada to increase the population of the workforce in the country. How then do you migrate to Canada?


Do It Yourself

Candex Solutions operates a program called “Do It Yourself”. The program helps those interested in residing abroad but can’t afford the services of an immigration lawyer handle their applications themselves under a professional guidance.

About The Founder

Ngozi DivineFavour was born and raised in Nigeria. She is an Accountant and a Public Administrator. She is an advisor in immigration affairs and has a great passion for migration done legally. She is the founder of Candex Solutions company and organiser of Candex Solutions IELTS preparatory institute.

Ngozi assists Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Artisans, Tourists, Prospective Students as well as talented individuals to actualize their goal of working and studying in the best universities in Canada, the United States, Australia and Europe by providing counselling services and teaching on various online platforms such as Zoom, Facebook and Instagram with the handle @candexsolutions.

Ngozi is not new to the terrain of North America which includes Canada and the United States. She had her children in Canada and she is very conversant with the provinces and immigration routes in Canada. Her passion to teach and expose in details on how to relocate to Canada legally was inspired by the rate of human trafficking and illegal migration in Nigeria and this training has helped tremendously in reducing the rate of trafficking to a great extent.

Being an experienced and successful business investor both home and abroad, she has also provided consultation to investors and those who are willing to buy properties in Canada on using that medium for Permanent Residence as a trusted and professional advisor.

Ngozi started her immigration affairs in the year 2018 and is currently the manager of Candex Solution International recognized by the government of Nigeria. Candex Solution International is active in providing immigration services for European countries and Canada; In addition, her IELTS Preparatory Institute has recorded a huge success as students make their results in one sitting in the IELTS tests which have placed them in a favourable position for International study abroad and Immigration purposes. As an Educational consultant in Candex Solution International, she is very active in providing educational consultation and offering services to dispatch students to Canada, Australia and Europe.

Mrs. Ngozi DivineFavour has held several seminars and webinars in the topics of knowing the conduct of an immigrant and how to be a successful immigrant, as well as teaching immigration laws and regulations. Notable amongst her seminars and webinars include but are not limited to How to Relocate to Canada Legally, How to Ace the IELTS test at a sitting, How to Search for jobs in Canada through the AIPP and RNIP pilot programs, Studying in Canada.

Ngozi with her specialized International team on the ground helps the following applicants

  • Applicants and Candidates to study in top universities and colleges of the world.
  • Skill labours, Specialists and Entrepreneurs who seek work in Canada.
  • Investors for buying an already prepared business and/or start a new business in Canada.
  • Those who plan to buy properties in CanadaHonesty in consultations provided to the applicants and commitment in proceeding in work are among characteristics of Ngozi and her team and their goal is implementing the highest standards and quality in immigration affairs to ensure success and happiness of immigrants.


We have a Supervised IELTS Test Online Study

Why choose us

Candex Solutions is an agency with expert knowledge in consulting and carry out applications on all areas of Canadian visa and immigration purposes.

We ensure that Clients are eligible and qualified to start the process before they make commitments. This is achieved through consultation.

We have track records of success from clients who have made it to Canada. ︎I teach you the same process that brought my family and I to Canada.

We break down the processes of relocating to Canada in a simplified format through webinars.

Our hands-on experience acquired through working with relevant authorities on immigration concerns and almost a decade of international travelling, most of which were in Canada have helped us to be very efficient and reliable.

Our international team based in Canada helps fast track the visa application.

︎We have proven records of clients who are fully settled in Canada.