Originally launched in 2017, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot brought over 10,000 new Permanent Residents (foreigners) to Atlantic Canada. As of today, the Atlantic Immigration Program has been made Permanent.

▪The Atlantic Immigration Program is another route which leads to getting a Permanent Resident status in Canada.

▪The AIP route allows foreigners from outside Canada to apply for jobs in the Atlantic provinces in Canada.

▪The AIP used to be known as the AIPP (Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program) which means it was in pilot mode. It was on a test run mode for 5yrs to know how successful it would be. It turned out to be a huge success. The pilot mode ended in December 2021.

▪The good news is that due to the success of the program to admit many foreigners to Canada, the Canadian government made it Permanent. As from the 6th of March, 2022,  you can apply to the Atlantic Immigration Program if you meet up with the requirements.

▪The principal requirement of the AIP is getting a job and receiving an endorsement from an Employer in Canada.

▪The AIP is the most affordable stream of relocating to Canada. The proof of funds is actually the cheapest in all the Canada Immigration Programs.


The Atlantic Immigration program takes place in these provinces.

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island
NewFoundland & Labrador
NewFoundland & Labrador


The Atlantic Immigration Pilot is a program that helps employers in Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island) hire and retain foreign workers and international graduates who are looking to immigrate to Canada. The program aims to address the labour shortages in the region and help employers find the skilled workers they need to grow their businesses.

To be eligible for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, you must:

  1. Have a job offer from an employer in Atlantic Canada
  2. Meet the specific requirements of the immigration stream under which you are applying
  3. Meet the general requirements for all immigrants to Canada, such as being in good health and having no criminal record

There are three immigration streams under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot:

  1. Atlantic High-Skilled Program: This stream is for highly skilled workers who have a job offer in a managerial, professional, or technical/skilled trade occupation.
  2. Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program: This stream is for intermediate-skilled workers who have a job offer in a skilled trade or technical occupation.
  3. Atlantic International Graduate Program: This stream is for international students who have graduated from a publicly funded post-secondary institution in Atlantic Canada and who have a job offer in any occupation.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot requires a three-step process:

  1. Pre-approval: The employer must first get pre-approval from the province to hire a foreign worker.
  2. Job offer and nomination: The employer must then offer the foreign worker a job and the province must nominate the foreign worker for immigration.
  3. Immigration application: The foreign worker must then apply for immigration to the federal government.

If you are successful in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, you will receive a work permit and, once you meet the requirements of the program, you will be granted a Permanent Resident.

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