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Immigration to Canada can be achieved through a wide range of programs. If you’re not yet sure how to select the right Canadian immigration program for you, you’re in the right place. Our immigration to Canada section has three main categories of programs for you to consider: Permanent Residence, Work Permits and Study Permits

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Candex Solutions is an agency with expert knowledge in consulting and carry out applications on all areas of Canadian visa and immigration purposes.

Eligible & Qualified

We ensure that Clients are eligible and qualified to start the process before they make commitments. This is achieved through consultation.

Happy Clients

We have track records of success from clients who have made it to Canada. ︎I teach you the same process that brought my family and I to Canada.

Relocating Canada

We break down the processes of relocating to Canada in a simplified format through webinars.


Our hands-on experience acquired through working with relevant authorities on immigration concerns and almost a decade of international travelling, most of which were in Canada have helped us to be very efficient and reliable.

International team

Our international team based in Canada helps fast track the visa application.

Proven Records

We have proven records of clients who are fully settled in Canada.