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We help prospective immigrants, visitors and students satisfy their heart desire of settling in Canada without hitches and stories.

Migrate to Canada

The aim of the Canada immigration system is to make more foreigners Permanent Residents in Canada to increase the population of the workforce in the country. How then do you migrate to Canada?

Canada is the world’s Largest country after Russia. In fact, it’s been attributed that the UK could fit into Canada 40 times because of its size. Presently, Canada has a population of 38 million people

Canada Study Visa

The fastest means to migrate to Canada is through the Canadian Study Visa. There are several requirements and steps one has to undergo. That’s the reason Candex Solution is here to direct you on the appropriate steps.

The first step towards a Canada study is getting a school admission from an institute with a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) number. This helps to secure a post-graduate work permit too upon graduation.


These are students who come in from other countries outside Canada to study and get a certificate

Canada as a country operates different Post secondary institutions for International students. These Post secondary schools are as follows:

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Be Aware

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