IELTS is an acronym which stands for the International English Language Testing System. To gain a Canadian visa, an applicant needs to demonstrate English abilities to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship    Canada (IRCC). IELTS is one of the famous English language exams. It is widely accepted in Canada for Universities and Colleges entry requirements as well as professional associations and employers.

IELTS assesses your English proficiency on a scale from 1-9 in four skills:





However, your IELTS score depends on the type of Visa requirements and the organization you intend to study or work.

There are two types of IELTS:


This IELTS test is used for Academic purposes like school admission.


This is for immigration purposes.

Supervised IELTS test online study.

Over the years, we have seen the failure rate among applicants, the pains of failing and retaking IELTS exams without success. To assist those applicants in preparing effectively and efficiently, I started Supervised IELTS test online study.

Supervised IELTS test online study is a well-articulated and organized training that is prepared by well-trained English Tutors. Our aim at Candex Solution is to help the applicants prepare very well with our in- house materials and ace IELTS exam in one sitting.

In Candex solution, the candidate is assigned to well-trained English Language Tutor, who encourages and motivates the applicant to put in their best by studying at least 2 hours’ study daily.

Research has shown that some candidates who enrol for the IELTS test lack the discipline to study extensively. Some, due to their personality, being busy or lazy, need to be focused and serious in order to get a push needed to scale through.

The training runs in batches, and each batch lasts for three months.

 Our training has helped hundreds to pass their IELTS exams.

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Candex Solutions is an agency with expert knowledge in consulting and carry out applications on all areas of Canadian visa and immigration purposes.


Our hands-on experience acquired through working with relevant authorities on immigration concerns and almost a decade of international travelling, most of which were in Canada have helped us to be very efficient and reliable.


We have track records of success from clients who have made it to Canada. ︎I teach you the same process that brought my family and I to Canada.

Our services are affordable in terms of cost implications compared to industry price.

We ensure that Clients are eligible and qualified to start the process before they make commitments. This is achieved through consultation.

Our international team based in Canada helps fast track the visa application.

︎We have proven records of clients who are fully settled in Canada.

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