Family-sponsored immigration route to Canada is based on having family members that are living and working in Canada. If you are lucky to have someone related to you that is living in Canada, the family member can comfortably invite you officially to join your family members in Canada. This route is unique because the applicant gets all the support from the sponsor and becomes a permanent resident too.


The sponsor living in Canada must meet the following conditions to be able to sponsor:


  • The sponsor must be up to 18yrs old and above.
  • He/ She must be a Canadian Permanent Resident or a Citizen.
  • He/ She must be able to support the sponsored family financially in Canada before they are fully settled.
  • He/ she should ensure a sponsored family do not need social assistance from the government.


 The following people can be sponsored under the Family Sponsorship

  • Spouse and Children
  • Parents and Grandparents
  • Adopted Child
  • Relatives
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